About Us

Eating healthy snacks no longer needs to be boring.

Danielle and Roya have a combined 22 years of experience working in the Catering and Health and Well Being Industry. Together we make up a team of experience as a Personal Trainer, a Nutritional Aid, Café Owner, Catering Manager and Baker.

Danielle is a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Aid in Melbourne CBD. Danielle hears of the struggles from her clients of the sugar fuelled snacks that are there for temptation daily. Healthy appealing options are just not as accessible to the busy working employee, therefore poor choices are made and the cycle continues. This cycle effects everything- your relationships, body composition, mood, sleep, energy levels etc. It is her passion to assist you in improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Roya is a Café owner in Melbourne CBD since 2010. Roya knows first hand what most pre-made snacks contain. Therefore she spends her early mornings baking fresh treats for her customers. She is a health conscious café owner who has passion and drive to deliver high quality ingredients for you to enjoy in your busy working day.

At Organic Soul Treats we personally know the difference eating healthy organic snacks has made for us both physically and for our overall wellbeing. We truly believe there is such a need for more Healthy Organic Snacks but with convenience and affordability. This is why we have created different snack packages to suit your needs and we even hand deliver right to your desk throughout Melbourne CBD to make your life even easier.

We look forward to delivering to you soon.

It’s a proven fact that 99% of “slip ups” occur during the day. Snacking is important for energy levels, but with today’s busy lifestyle, it’s just too hard to stay away from the vending machine, or pre-packaged snacks when that sugar craving hits you.

Expertly crafted snacks designed by people who care

With a diverse team of a Chef, Personal Trainer and nutritional assistants you are sure to have treats with fresh, top quality ingredients, which are essential for optimal health and wellbeing.

We bake with fresh local ingredients and there are no hidden nasty and refined sugar in our baking.

Delivering to locations within Melbourne CBD

At the moment we are exclusively delivering to locations within Melbourne CBD. In the future we will be broadening our scope. If you are within the CBD, click the link below and let's get started.